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INGAGE is a TV/video advertising technology that provides immersive, experiential campaigns – driving brand interaction. Connecting customers with brands on the biggest screens in their homes. INGAGE  provides access and reach to Pay TV (Cable) and Connected TV consumers with immersive brand, content and gaming services—all powered in the living room by your remote.

Immersive viewer experiences keep audiences engaged

Your audience wants more
—much more.

Television audiences spend more time with the brands they love.

Keeping audiences engaged with interactive gamified user experiences contributes to longer audience retention. INGAGE opens opportunities for increased subscription rates, merchandising and consumer loyalty.

Powered by ES3’s Gamification Engine.

INGAGE keeps your audience focused and entertained through rich, branded interactive TV gaming elements in the overall experience—ultimately spending more time, and building a stronger connection with your brand.

Fully-programmed INGAGE experiences

Interactive Event Countdowns

They’ve Become a Holiday Tradition.

ES3’s Halloween Countdown and Holiday Countdown – fully programmed experiences have been a holiday tradition in millions of homes throughout North America. 

These highly anticipated, annual programs come packed with themed interactive and video content to keep audiences entertained – counting down to the big night!

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

INGAGE Event Countdowns generate more than 100 million minutes of use across 30 million+ TV households, every season!  Brand sponsors have opportunities to “take over” the entire experience with integrated product placement into the experience design as well as present their traditional display and video ad spots, throughout each feature. 



Gamification works.

The science behind gamified experiences is at the center of every INGAGE experience.

ES3’s library of 40+ TV casual game engines, provides a contextual and interactive entertainment experiences that keeps the audience locked in and spending more time with your brand.  The Call to Action (CTA) is heightened through gamification to drive higher conversion success.

Just a few of the major brands using INGAGE

Join the ever-growing list of top brands connecting with their audiences. Contact the team at ES3 and ask about how you can take advantage of INGAGE.


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