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The INGAGE Platform

INGAGE by ES3 is an experiential interactive merchandising and advertising platform that connects brands with relevant audiences and drives maximum conversion. 

The platform is used by video distribution platforms, content companies and brand owners/agencies.

A deeper, richer, interactive experience

Video Distributors Increase ARPU with INGAGE.

INGAGE for Pay Television Service Provides and Connected TV Platforms.

Platform owners need new ways to promote premium content on their platforms.  INGAGE is a proven instrument to drive deep discovery of premium content, services and promotional programs to their customers on the platform where they are being entertained – the TV!

Content Owners Drive Revenue & Usage with INGAGE.

INGAGE for Studios, Networks and Content Distributors.

Studios and Networks have leveraged the INGAGE platform to promote their new movies and show releases, as well as premium channels – entertaining and connecting with their targeted audiences through a deep, immersive TV experience that has been proven to keep audiences engaged.

Consumers Spend More Time with Brands on the Biggest Screen — Their TV!

A Powerful Experiential Interactive TV Ad Platform for Brands.

Brand Owners and Advertising Agencies now have new tools in their kit to deliver high performance conversion for Experiential TV Advertising.

The INGAGE platform can deliver the ultimate TV ad experience, where the targeted audience spends more time with the brand and is more likely to act on the value proposition/call to action.  It’s the ultimate conversion tool!

INGAGE Unlimited.

A Platform that is only limited by one’s imagination.

INGAGE can address many market segments and use cases on connected TVs, traditional cable set-top boxes, mobile devices and other connected entertainment screens.  From travel to sports to loyalty programs and so much more – INGAGE will drive consumer and target audience engagement and conversion on your call to action… 

If you’ve read this far, it’s time for us to talk

Features of an INGAGE experience.

Just a few of the many features to be deployed for your brand…

Brand Identity & Product Placement
(immersive branding and product integration design)

(40+ Interactive TV Game Engines)

Multi-user & Personalization
(Enhanced gamification and smart features)

This is more than your traditional ad!

Flexible Menus/Sections
(User flow & journey for maximum conversion)

OTT Video
(Full-featured video player for streaming video)

CTAs – Calls to Action
(On-platform click-thrus, Off-platform jumps, voice…)

Just a few of the major brands using INGAGE

Join the ever-growing list of top brands connecting with their audiences.
Contact the team at ES3 and ask about how you can take advantage of INGAGE.


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Connected TV Platforms Supported