Zone·tv™ and Cox Launch Inspirational and Informative SVODs to Contour TV Customers

TORONTO, CA – April 22, 2020 – Zone·tv, a leading provider of SVOD programming to TV service providers, announces inspirational and informative content from TouchFit TV by Georges St-Pierre, Lion Mountain TV, XiveTV, Quark Science and MagellanTV History is now available for Cox Contour TV customers.

These services can easily be added by Contour TV customers simply by speaking the name of the SVOD to the Contour voice remote, or by locating them within the networks section of Contour On Demand.

TouchFit TV’s intense, fitness-centric programming helps viewers train to improve their personal health. Lion Mountain TV provides an up-close view into the vast and incredible animal kingdom. Quark Science explores advances in science, technology and space exploration. MagellanTV History is curated to super-serve those curious about world history. XiveTV features an ever-expanding line up of action-packed movies and TV series covering the most popular nonfiction genres.

“It’s incredibly exciting to partner with Cox in delivering such diverse, informative and entertaining content for Contour TV customers to consume on the most important screen in their homes.” said Jeff Weber, CEO, zone·tv, “During the ongoing healthcare crisis, families are spending increasingly more time at home, and it’s become more important than ever to enrich and augment the availability of on-demand programming that resonates with viewers”. 

The five new SVOD offerings include:

TouchFit TV:

Viewers can master their strength, explosive power, endurance and flexibility.  TouchFit TV follows the principles of gymnastics and High Intensity Interval Training that have helped GSP become an MMA world champion, all developed and taught by Georges St-Pierre himself.

Lion Mountain TV:

Lion Mountain brings the vast animal kingdom out of the wild and into your living room. With hours of wilderness and nature programming to choose from, get an up-close look at the world’s most fascinating creatures.


XiveTV features an ever-expanding line up: from high quality space and science specials, to great wildlife films; from UFOs and gritty crime stories, to a large binge-able collection of epic War documentaries.

Quark Science:

Quark Science boasts one of the largest collections of award-winning long-form documentary content spanning topics such as wildlife, history, adventure, and the paranormal.

MagellanTV History:

From the rise and fall of to the clash of cultures and the outbreak of world wars, MagellanTV History is curated to super-serve those curious about world history with programs that dive into the great stories that shaped civilization. Tune in for hundreds of hours of content that will make the past come alive with subjects ranging from world history, ancient civilizations, religion, military history and more…

About zone·tv

Zone·tv bridges the gap between technology and engaging programming with its innovative technology solution offering a best-in-class, convenient and highly personalized viewer experience.  The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools allows any video service provider to create personalized thematic channels with their own content. Zone·tv uses its own zone·tv™ Studio tools to create the zone·ify multi-channel video service – an unprecedented linear-like viewing experience, powered by A.I. Its proprietary software architecture combined with an 8,000+ hour content library has powered the company’s monumental growth. Zone·tv has become the largest provider of thematic subscription video on demand services in North America with more than 18 SVOD channels.

Its diverse programming can be seen on, Comcast Xfinity, X1, DIRECTV, Rogers Ignite TV, CenturyLink Prism TV, AT&T U-verse, TELUS Optik TV, Bell Fibe TV, Frontier Vantage and FiOS, Armstrong Cable and others. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada.

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