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Zone·tv’s Ingage™ platform sees more than half a billion minutes of viewer engagement last year.

Millions of TV viewers watch and interact with premium content and brands on the one-of-a-kind interactive merchandising and promotion platform – Ingage!

The Ingage platform drives deeper interactive content engagement with viewers for TV operators like DIRECTV and Comcast. Immersive Ingage experiences, already being enjoyed by millions of viewers, have been designed for premium networks and brands such as HBO, House of the Dragon, Discovery, MGM+ Godfather of Harlem, Sesame Street and many more.

With exclusive content, branded games, trivia, character guides and more, Ingage attracts viewers and keeps them connected to the brands they love while driving higher revenue and brand awareness for content companies and distributors.

Unlike traditional advertising, Ingage offers a wide range of capabilities for interacting directly with consumers while generating valuable metrics. Whether you are promoting a long-awaited event, a new movie or premium show, Ingage keeps viewers connected with gamified and immersive content.

“Ingage has powerful metrics that clearly demonstrate its success in building excitement for our partner brands and generating revenue through VOD, TVOD and new subscriptions. We help studios, networks and Pay TV operators monetize their premium content, brands and premieres of all kinds.” said Jeff Weber, CEO zone·tv™

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When DIRECTV and HBO wanted to promote the release of House of The Dragon, they partnered with zone·tv and used the company’s powerful Ingage platform to bring their event to millions of satisfied DIRECTV viewers.

Doug Edwards, Founder & Executive Chairman, commented “Think of Ingage as an interactive and immersive application that can launch from the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) as a “channel”, as well as from the home screen, apps section or voice remote on a cable or satellite set-top—designed as a revenue generating platform for distributors and content owners that keeps audiences connected to the brands they love.”

Built on the Ingage platform, zone·tv’s fully programmed Holiday and Halloween Countdown applications (content included) have been delivered to top Pay TV service providers in the U.S and Canada; generating over 116 million minutes of use in just 10 weeks, last year. These seasonal countdown experiences bring family and friends together for each holiday and drive new, incremental VOD purchases and rental revenue for its partners. The popular apps have continued to evolve over the past 14 years and are available in over 40 million Pay TV households. 

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A milestone of half a billion minutes of use speaks to the effectiveness of this innovative and proven platform.

For more information about Ingage, please visit or contact sales@localhost.

About ES3™
ES3 is the leader in interactive application experiences for TV. Over the past 20 years, ES3 has delivered leading interactive TV products with top customers and brands through the most pivotal times in entertainment history. Over the years, ES3 has established customers relationships with Bell Canada, Bell Media, DIRECTV, AT&T, Comcast, Rogers, Microsoft, Intel, TiVo and many more. ES3’s one-of-a-kind interactive channel platform has been used by brands such as Game of Thrones, HBO, HBO Max, Discovery, Crave and more. ES3’s turn-key interactive pop-up channels, such as Santa Tracker / Holiday Countdown are world renowned and are delivered to more than 27 million TV households in Canada and the US. ES3 is the largest aggregator of subscription video on demand to pay television operators in the US and Canada, with over 18 catalogues and thousands of hours of exclusive content for distribution to pay tv under license.

ES3 is the parent company of zone·tv Inc (zone·tv).

About zone·tv™
Zone·tv bridges the gap between technology and engaging programming with its innovative technology solution offering a best-in-class, convenient and highly personalized viewer experience.  The zone·tv™ Studio suite of tools allows any video service provider to create personalized thematic channels with their own content. Zone·tv uses its own zone·tv Studio tools to create the zone·ify multi-channel video service – an unprecedented linear-like viewing experience, powered by A.I. Its proprietary software architecture combined with an 8,000+ hour content library has powered the company’s monumental growth.  
Its diverse programming can be seen on cable TV, Mobile and connected devices including, Comcast Xfinity, X1, DIRECTV, Rogers Ignite TV, TIVO, iOS, Apple TV, NCTC, Sling, Android, FireTV, Roku, AT&T U-verse, Bell Fibe TV, Armstrong Cable, Buckeye Cable and others. The company has offices in Toronto, Canada.
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