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Redefining the world of free, streaming TV.


Discover a world of exciting new content, tailored to your interests through an intuitive experience, powered by A.I. The more you watch, the more it learns!

Uninterrupted movies · Live Channels · Exclusive Content · A Kids Zone
Stories with niche interest video · A.I. Personalization


Available on your local Pay TV service provider and your favorite mobile and smart connected TV devices.

Zone·ify Stories—Niche interest, short-form video

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Zoneit makes it yours.

Love what you’re watching? Want more? Click the zone it button at anytime and we’ll serve up more of what you’re watching—just like that.

F.A.S.T. 2.0
The next generation of free, ad supported television.

Short Form Dynamic Channels · Uninterrupted Movies · Live Linear Channels
Interactive Games & Events · Social Media Content

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